Meet The Celebs! Q&A with Clint Harp and Steve Ford

Feb 8, 2024, 19:00 PM

This year’s Philly Home + Garden Show will feature special guests and celebrity speakers Clint Harp and Steve Ford, gracing the Main Stage throughout the weekend of the event. To offer you a glimpse into their personalities, we’ve posed a variety of questions, covering everything from home advice to entertaining personal tidbits. Dive into the details below and get to know Clint and Steve on a more personal level.

Black and white photo of Clint Harp posing and smiling wearing black tshirt


Clint Harp Bio:

Clint Harp is known to millions of TV viewers as the go-to furniture maker on HGTV’s hit show Fixer Upper who has a way with wood - especially reclaimed wood, with which he makes beautiful, handmade pieces. Before starting Harp Design Company with his wife, Kelly, they had other jobs and lives elsewhere before returning to Waco, Texas, where Clint’s chance meeting with Fixer Upper home renovator and co-star Chip Gaines led to his involvement with the show that would change their lives.

Now Clint is on Magnolia Network’s Restoration Road where he travels the country in search of some of the oldest, most beautiful structures still standing today, examining how they were built. With the help of some of the country’s most talented craftsmen, Clint helps to restore these historical structures across America.


Clint Harp Q&A:

1.)  What’s an easy DIY project homeowners can tackle to improve their space?

a.)   A shelf! Find a cool piece of wood in your garage or in someone else’s scrap pile and make a shelf! With some simple brackets from a home improvement store you can make a really fun shelf with very little effort.

2.)  What’s a common mistake homeowners make when they take on a home improvement project themselves?

a.)   Usually, it’s underestimating how much time and money it’s going to cost…I’ve done it many times…Best bet is to add 30% on top of whatever you’re guessing!

3.)  Fill in the blank: The three things I can’t live without are ___________.

a.)   My family, my running shoes, and music.

Clint Harp smiling wearing black sweater standing outside in sunlight in front of trees on grass

4.)  Where do you go online to find inspiration?

a.)   I actually have a weird thing about not looking online for inspiration…I look there for entertainment. My inspiration comes from memories and experiences where I can put my hands on something and see it in real life…a lot gets born from those moments for me.

5.)  What’s one thing you wish every homeowner knew?

a.)   That it’s better to spend the money up front and get it done right than to take shortcuts…and if you don’t have the money yet…live with what you have until you can afford the real deal.

6.)  What’s your best organization hack?

a.)   Throw crap away!!!! We hold on to so much stuff that we just really don’t need and we find ourselves organizing stuff we don’t even need. Before you organize anything, go through everything and only hold on to the stuff that you truly, truly need and use.

Could you live in a tiny home?

a.)   By myself? Yes… With a wife and 3 kids? For a weekend!

8.)  What’s the best small space living hack?

a.)   Put more in the giveaway pile and in the trash can than you do in your house.

9.)  What was the last picture you took on your phone?

a.)   A picture of my daughter cuddling with Kelly and our puppy on the couch.

10.)  What are your best outdoor decor tips?

a.)   If you don’t love doing it or have an eye for it…find someone who does and rely on them. Curb appeal is so important, and the beauty and functionality of your backyard can add so much to your life. So I say spend time, effort, and money if you have to, to really make it right…you’ll be glad you did.

Clint will be on stage Saturday, Feb 24th at 1pm and Sunday, Feb 25th at 1pm!

Steve Ford Bio:

Steve ford wearing black baseball cap and blue jean jacket over black shirt with hands in pockets smiling at camera

Steve Ford is a proud Pennsylvania native, and he’s not your average contractor and renovator. Steve is known for his work on HGTV's hit shows including Restored by the Fords, Home Again with the Fords, A Very Brady Renovation, Rock the Block, and the Property Brothers’ Brother vs. Brother. Steve is also the host of an online series, 'Stuffed with Steve Ford,' that showcases PA’s agriculture and food history with stops along Pennsylvania's rich culinary trail.

Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Steve had a knack for creative carpentry at a young age and put that inventiveness to good use as an adult. A licensed contractor and man of many talents, Steve takes on the most unconventional design challenges. His diverse portfolio includes store design, displays, and set design for a number of national retail brands, and much more.


Steve Ford Q&A:


1.)  What home gadget or tool should every homeowner own?

a.)   A tape measurer, because every project starts with one.

2.)  In your opinion, what’s the most underrated tool in your toolbox?

a.)   The razorblade.

3.)  Best home purchase for under $100?

a.)   La Creuset French Press and Hot Water kettle.

4.)  What is one project you tell people to NOT do as DIY?

a.)   Anything plumbing or electrical work. Hire a professional because if you do something wrong the consequences could be dire.

5.)  What’s your favorite paint color?

a.)   Black paint for moody spaces.

6.)  What do you recommend as a rule of thumb for mixing patterns or materials (i.e. metals) in design and decor projects?

a.)   Don’t over-do it, stick to 3-4. You don’t want your space to be too busy.

7.)  What project are you currently working on?

a.)   The Cabin Project: making my dream cabin for my family

b.)  The Carnival Project: turning a commercial warehouse into a living space.

8.)  When you design a room, what is the most important interior design advice you give?

a.)   My advice is, “What can we do to make the space more relaxing and inviting.”

9.)  What home trends are you loving?

a.)   The use of earth tones, and natural colors.

10.)  What’s your favorite HGTV or DIY Network series?

a.)   Restored by The Fords, and Home Again with The Fords. I was fortunate enough to make those shows with my younger sister.

Steve will be on stage Friday, Feb 23rd at 6pm and Saturday, Feb 24th at 11AM!

Catch Clint Harp and Steve Ford live at the Philly Home + Garden Show from February 23rd to February 25th, held at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center. Alongside their engaging presentations, explore nearly 300 home improvement and outdoor exhibitors, offering great opportunities for shopping, comparison, and savings–all conveniently located in one place! Join Clint, Steve, and other dynamic speakers on the Main Stage at the Philly Home + Garden Show. For the complete Main Stage schedule, click here. Don’t miss out on all the excitement!