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Weed And Sweep

Weed And Sweep
4 Aspen Ct
Mt. Holly NJ
Booth: M31A

Company Description:

Weed And Sweep is a tool that I invented by accident.
The tool attaches to most household brooms or any handle you have just sitting around your home.
You attach the tool, and you remove unwanted weeds and grass from your driveway, sidewalk, curbs and pavers.
All this can be accomplished while in the standing upright position.
You just Weed It and Sweep it away!
No more chemicals!
No more sore knees and back pains!

Show Specials:

This product can be found at and on Amazon. The special show price is $25.00

New Products

Weed And Sweep is a new product.

Certifications & Awards

Won 2nd place at INPEX show in Pittsburgh in 2017

Product Images:


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