Les Smoker Woodworking

Les Smoker Woodworking
912 W Main Street
New Holland PA
Booth: M6A

Company Description:

Forest to Table

Our story begins with a tiny seed. Over many seasons that seed grows into a sapling and then a mature tree. The artisans at Les Smoker Woodworking meticulously handcraft each item with attention to detail. Each artist has a goal to create a piece of functional art that will add warmth and spirit to your kitchen, family table, home decor, social get-togethers and gifts.

Most of the wood we use is from locally grown and harvested trees, some of which we cut ourselves from fallen trees. We love to see this natural resource given new life in the products we create.

Everything we make is produced from our own workshops in the Lancaster County, Pennsylvania area.

Cutting boards, charcuterie boards, wooden bowls, coasters, garlic mashers, kitchen utensils, rolling pins, live edge pieces and more, made available for your entertainment and pleasure. We hope you enjoy using our products as much as we have had the joy of making them!

Show Specials:

15% discount on the purchase of any cutting board or charcuterie board combined with two additional items for your kitchen.

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