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Goldies Alpaca Socks offers a wonderful selection of Alpaca socks .
The selection varies from Heavy Winter Warmth to Lighter Weight SUMMER WEAR You will be surprised that You are able to wear some of the Heavy styles of My Alpaca Collection , all through the warm weather months too. They wick moisture away from your feet They Breathe with every step ., The Alpaca acts as an insulator from the heat of the ground , asphalt , concrete and other outdoor work during the summer months and , of course , during the cold weather , here in Pa. and in Colder climates the Alpaca Socks Maintain Your body temperature .
I have been Selling Socks for 59 years , and the last nine (9) ALPACA SOCKS have exploded in SALES.
I just finished The Great American Outdoor Show with wonderful results , I SOLD 90% of my inventory .
Please visit and view my NEW styles and product. Thank You Harvey " Goldie " Goldberg P>S> MY ALPACA SOCKS ARE MADE IN THE USA and IMPORTED FROM PERU ... FULLY GUARANTEED

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I will have $5.00 and $10.00 OFF my Winter styles . . Any Alpaca Socks $25. up to and including , $35..00 will be a $5.00 OFF Any Alpaca Socks $40. and Higher will be $10. OFF I have A SPECIAL PRICE on a selection of 55%Alpaca/45%microfiber Blan


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