Cynful Bliss

Cynful Bliss
Booth: M30A

Company Description:

Cynful Bliss, founded by owner Cymande Hagans in 2016, is a dessert business that merges the joy of sweets with the indulgence of alcohol. The company offers a tempting array of desserts, including cakes, cheesecakes, cobblers, puddings and more, each infused with a different type of liquor. The initial seven flavors were based on the seven deadly sins, but the menu was later expanded to include other vices such as duplicity and solicitation.

These indulgent desserts are conveniently packaged in jars, ready for enjoyment. Whether devoured alone or served warm with ice cream, these desserts are certain to leave a lasting impact.

Show Specials:

We have our signature Box of Cyns and Bliss Bags for an introductory taste of the Cynful Bliss brand. We also have $6 discount for 6 pack sets and $12 discount for 12 pack sets.

New Products

Alcohol infused wine gummies and caramels, and truffles.

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