Windle Design & Construction

Windle Design & Construction
331 W Miner Street
West Chester PA
Booth: 74

Company Description:

Our company exists to create a healthy working environment that promotes reasonable expectations, clear communication, and quality craftsmanship.

We want to see transformational change in how people view the construction industry, to build a foundation for future generations, and to have a lasting imprint in the lives of those we come across.

At Windle Design & Construction, we are a company that you can trust. Not only do we strive to earn that, we also believe it’s equally important for us to honor you and your home. We work tirelessly so that our passion for our craft and our relationships with our customers become evident through our work. Our goal, in both our personal and professional lives, is that we are authentic and transparent in all that we do. We want to create an atmosphere where YOU feel like you are a part of OUR family.

We specialize in residential construction projects. From dreaming about your project with you, to designing it, and seeing it through the construction, we love what we do.

New Products

- Windle Properties +
- Waypoint Dealers
- In-house 3D renderings
- Windle Home Design

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