Brewscuit Inc.

Brewscuit Inc.
100 Emlen Way, Suite 118
Telford PA

Company Description:

Brewscuits is not just another pet treat company! Innovators, visionaries, and champions of canine well-being, we are helping shape a culinary revolution for canine companions everywhere! Born out of a passion for pets and a commitment to sustainability, Brewscuits is redefining the pet treat landscape. At our core, we believe in providing dogs not just with treats, but experiences that support and promote health, happiness and overall well-being.
Crafted from spent beer grains and made in the USA, our all-natural premium treats are a testament to our dedication to eco-friendly practices and repurposing resources responsibly.
What sets Brewscuits apart?
We transform upcycled spent beer grains into nutritious, delicious, and easily digestible treats for dogs
Thanks to our proprietary processes, our products are able to maintain a 2 year shelf life without any preservatives
All of our products are produced in a registered facility subject to inspections from the Department of Agriculture
As you explore our booth, we encourage you to learn all about the story of Brewscuits, and how each batch is carefully baked, ensuring the highest standards of quality and taste. Discover the variety of health benefits woven into every treat, from supporting digestive health to promoting a lustrous coat. Join us in shaping a healthier, more flavorful world for dogs, one bag of Brewscuits at a time. What are you waiting for? Ask us how to get started today!

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