We help homeowners get their home décor down to a fine art. This open-market style area featured vendors with antiques, homemade, finely crafted items and original art.

Ecobota-Logo-FNEcobata Pressed Botanicals and Herbarium Art

In college I worked in the herbarium of the Carnegie Museum where I learned first hand how to preserve and mount botanic specimens for long term archival collections. It was probably the most fun I ever had at a job - I got to do all the technical science things that I love, but I was also tasked with making the specimens aesthetically appealing.

Once I moved to Philadelphia I became obsessed with learning to identify all the flora growing in the city around me. I found that creating my own herbarium was a wonderful tool to help me remember all the specimens I found on my urban hikes and gave me a reference tool when I found something I couldn't easily ID. But that herbarium grew and grew and started to take over my poor apartment. So I started framing the prettier specimens to hang around my home and give as gifts to friends. They were so popular I decided to offer them for sale online.

I have a degree in Environmental Science as well as numerous years working in Museums and Botanic Gardens around Pennsylvania so you can be sure each specimen that I wild collect is not damaging the ecosystem in any way.

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Fresh & Fancy
Products - Handmade Goat Milk Soap & Lotion


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 Hand & Paw Studio

Hand & Paw Studio is a family-owned business rooted in Southeastern Pennsylvania that handcrafts all of our products. We started Hand & Paw Studio in 2014 with a passion for a healthier and eco-friendly pet lifestyle. 

34 Bamboo Collar

Perrin's Fishing Pole

We make collars and leashes from hemp and bamboo, pet toys from recycled materials and our new line of upcycled pet home décor products. My family and I are committed to providing quality handcrafted products. We want to share our passion for a healthier and eco-friendly pet lifestyle with everyone.




Purple Lily Studio


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Artisan Soap, mixed media jewelry and home accessories

Artisan Soaps, Mixed Media Jewelry and Home Accessories




Veronica's Doggie Delights

“With a Love for animals and a Passion for baking, Veronica's Doggie Delights was created by Veronica Reynders in West Chester, PA. In the fall of 2009, many dogs were getting sick from treats not made in the USA.  Something needed to be done to help these animals!  With an extreme love for baking, Veronica's "trial and error" processes and new ideas every day finally succeeded in creating our line of drooling-good, healthy, all-natural treats created right here using only the best products in the USA. Every gourmet dog treat is carefully selected and tested by a panel of 4-legged treat taste testers. Only human grade ingredients and lots of love are used in all our treats.”

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WSP_Logo_300-01 Willow Street Pictures

When a health scare prompted Darren Modricker to search out an artist for his own family portrait, he couldn’t find work that inspired him. This experience changed his life and turned his artistic vision toward building his own fine art portrait studio in Pennsylvania.Today Willow Street Pictures has grown into a highly sought after national studio known for capturing  the natural feel and genuine emotion of its two-legged and four-legged clients. Darren and his Creative Team are inspired each day by the human capacity to love one another, as well as the companion animals who add meaning to all of their lives.